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About LICA-MedMan

Our mission is simple.  Better Elder Care.

In 2008, Linda Farrar was the administrator of a long-term care facility.  During a routine survey, she was advised by the surveyors about acceptable methods of monitoring for the individual drug regimens of her resident elders.  She was informed that an individualized medication care plan for every resident was the only accurate and safe method of managing a residents' regimen for any drug with a potential for a significant effect.

After contemplating what the surveyors said, she set out to accomplish the intent of the regulation with as much care and accuracy as possible within her organization.  The task at hand quickly became overwhelming.  She realized how much time it would take to complete an accurate and well thought-out care plan for every resident, for every medication.  She knew there just wasn't enough time in the day for her DON or any of the nursing staff  to accomplish what was being required.  So, she found herself writing these care plans herself....all day, into the evening, and on the weekends.  It was overwhelming.

She had to devise a "plan B".  What if she could write the details of each drug, and compile them all into a database?  Then,  she could adapt that information into an individualized plan for each elder!  LICA-MedMan was born.

After refining her database over time, it became clear the value it had to the entire Long-Term Care industry.  So, here it resides on this website that she created for you...for everyone to utilize.

Linda commits hours, every day, updating FDA changes, adding medications, and monitoring surveys so she can help you spend more time with those who matter the most...our precious elders.

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